Saturday, 6 August 2022

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One of the dilemmas I had faced after publishing my blog on Blogger was how exactly to integrate forms? A straightforward feedback or Contact Us form can go quite a distance in making your blog more user focused and interactive. I are finding to simple techniques to overcome this handicap. And yes you don't have to be a coder to get this done!

1. Use to create professional looking online forms:

A straightforward but very effective solution exists by Formstack. Formstack enables you to design and build forms online and then enables you to embed forms on any blog or website. The straightforward drag and drop interface enables you to easily create an HTML form and add any kind of form element (e.g. Text fields, email field, file upload). You are able to manage your field types, add sections, and rearrange your fields. The Process really is easy:

1. Sign up on Formstack.
2. Build your forms using the form builder. The interface is intuitive. Work with a few minute is get familiar and no harm experimenting.
3. Assign the email address where you intend to send form data. This really is important as this is where you will have the feedbacks.
4. Select a suitable design template and Save your valuable form.
5. Generate the code to embed on your Blog. Save the code in a notepad file.

You are pretty much done with Formstack! Now log in to your Blogger account to integrate the code on your Blogger website:

1. On your own blogger add a typical page utilising the page widget.. If you don't have the widget already you can certainly do so my going to Design > Add Widget and Select Pages Widget. The page widget on Blogger enables you to add up to 10 static pages on Blogger.
2. After added the page widget visit Posting > Edit Pages > Create a new page.
3. Create a new page with the name "Contact Us" using pages widget
4. On the page editor click Edit HTML tab.
5. Paste the embed code generated from Formstack. And Voila! You've an operating feedback form on Blogger!

Execute a quick preview. You might have to accomplish small adjustments to the form field lengths if you will find any overlaps along with your Blogger sidebar but that is simple. The Formstack form builder interface is so simple that you can quickly find your way to generate a successfully pleasing feedback form.

2. Use feedback tool from

Get satisfaction is among the most popular feedback tools on the Internet. Integrating this on blogger requires some careful template code embedding. The Integration process is simple though:
1. Sign up on Getsatisfaction.
2. Generate the code for embedding.
3. There's not straight forward blogger integration widget here so you will need to visit your blogger template source to integrate the code.
4. Go to blogger Design > Edit HTML
5. On template XML source code try to find tag.
6. Paste the get satisfaction embed code prior to the and save the template and you've the feedback widget on blogger!

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